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In My Car: Episode-15081401

Blabing about Champions and Entrepreneurs and a beauty pageant winner that faked having cancer to live off charity benefit money.

Another in an ongoing series of reflections of life as recorded by Jan Landy on 08/14/2015 while driving in my car from where I am to where I am going. 

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Test of new method of publishing my podcasts

As I have been podcasting as much as I have lately, I have found that I have ran out of free space on SoundCloud and moved to Libsyn.  

As I have just set this up for the first time and it has been a time consuming project only because I have so many social media pages that I am connected to.  Having said that, it was pretty simple to do and if it works as promised and I see no reason why it should not, I will be everywhere in social media at once.  

Check out this episode of Jan Landy!

What do YOU think is in Romney’s taxes that he feels it is better for him not to release them?

What do YOU think is in Romney’s taxes that he feels it is better for him not to release them?

All is fair in love and politics? It doesn’t matter if what Harry Reid said or did is wrong or right, he did it and there is nothing anyone can do about that.

I think the bigger point is why Romney thinks it will be worse for him to release his taxes than go through this insane demand for him to release them.

I think that we all agree that if he did nothing wrong then it would be small point that he paid no taxes or he has money in offshore accounts. After all even if you are poor you still know that the rich have better ways to legally reduce their tax rates. Who doesn’t know that Buffet pays less taxes then his secretary. Does anyone really care if Romeny paid less taxes then they did? I don’t.

So my question is to everyone, what is in those taxes that is more damaging to him than not releasing them and getting all of this negative media attention? Because the way I see it, if he can keep the message on the economy, he will surely win the election. Yet, he continues to let his failure to release his taxes be the focal point.

Just think if Romney releases his taxes and he has nothing to hide, he will make Harry Reid look more of a fool than he already does, and he can then define campaign with his message. Because if there is nothing to hide and he doubles down and continues to refuse to release them, he is not only a bigger fool than Harry Reid, but he is so stubborn that he is not thinking clearly.

So I am very serious when I ask all of you have commented so far, to reply to my question: What do you think is in those taxes that he feels it is better for him not to release them?